UX is the Core of Web Design

If you are a web designer, you know that designing a great website encompasses the need for a great user experience. Without good user experience, your web design is simply nonsense. Who would want to visit a website that looks so elegant but is so hard to use and understand? No one would like to visit and use it, unless one is desperately in need of something from your website or company or business. That being said, UX is the core of web design. It is imperative and essential for web design because without UX, web design isn’t complete.

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience. This is the experience your users feel when using your website or application. Generally, by creating a great user experience design, users can easily use the website; find information they need and will ultimately accomplish their goals or your goals that ends in profit.

Elements of UX

There are several elements of user experience design that are used in order to produce a great UX. Here are they:

Visual Design is commonly known as graphic design, communication design or visual communication and it represents the aesthetic aspect or front-end interface of any user interface. Its purpose is to utilize visual elements like graphics, colors, icons, symbols and more to convey message to its audience.

Information Architecture is the art and science of organizing information for the end-users to easily find and utilize. Information is about objects, which ranges from website, images, applications and others. Information is also connected to metadata, which describe and represent content objects such as documents, people, process, and organizations.

Information structuring, organization and labelling are also a part of information architecture and it defines a way to organize data in order for the end users to easily use and find their desired information.

Interaction Design is believed to be a core part of building a great user experience. This has an important role in defining what best works for end users. These are some of the things to consider in interaction design:

  • Create the layout of the interface
  • Define Interaction patterns best suited in the context
  • Incorporate user needs collected during User Research, into the designs
  • Features and Information that are important to the user
  • Interface behavior like drag-drop, selections, mouse over actions, and so on
  • Effectively communicate strengths of the system
  • Make the interface intuitive by building affordances
  • Maintain consistency throughout the system

Usability is the ability of making a product, service, website or application to help users achieve specified goals with ease, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Those are some of the element of user experience design. As you can see, UX is focused in making a website desirable for end users.