How to Improve Website User Experience?

User experience is a never-ending process. By the time you publish your first post on your first website, you need to think of ways to improve user experience in order to ensure that your target audience never loses interest to your site. A good UX can also establish a trust that will allow you to gain more followers, eventually gaining you lots of traffic and finally, profit. In fact, when you focus on implementing a stellar user experience, you can forget about SEO, content optimization and the likes because those things are already under the belt of a great UX. With a great UX, you can gather more followers, which will eventually lead to more traffic and finally more sales.

Improve Interface

The UI is an important part of any software and websites/web applications. Make sure that your UI is pleasing to you and avoid making your website look crowded – that is adding too many texts – use whitespace. Images added to your website should be clear and crisp – avoid using pixelated images.

Your website copy should be skimmable and easy to read.  Add headings and subheadings to highlight different chunks of your copy. In addition to that, your contact information should be easily accessible or is prominent so users won’t have a hard time contacting you.

Adding videos and images as a supplement to your text content is also a great idea to draw user’s attention to important messages.

Improve Content Delivery

Your content should be written for the web – it should be easy to read and digest, is short and concise (unless you are writing a review or an opinion related post) and just like we said earlier, it’s better if you can accompany it with images or videos to enhance the content presentation. And this one is always important – your content should be relevant to your audience/niche.

Your grammar shouldn’t be the best, but make sure you have proper mechanics and make sure that you can get your message across – especially if you are targeting an international audience. Make sure that your message is clearly delivered, using English that can be easily understood by everyone in the world.

Improve Usability

Usability is how your users use your website with ease. The number one things in our list under usability is the website’s speed. Implement minification, image optimization and make sure your web server provider offers compression to speed up your website’s loading times. If possible, try to choose a web host that can offer a powerful dedicated server to make sure that your website won’t have any speed issues as well as downtime problems.

Optimizing images could be a bit tricky – sure you need to compress them to save bandwidth but don’t sacrifice quality – there are many lossless compression methods and most web hosts offer them for you to utilize on your website.